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Mighty Quinn’s BBQ Opening Location in Long Island City


Tip-toe thru the…

Everybody’s building ships and boats
Some are building monuments, others are jotting down notes
Everybody’s in despair, every girl and boy
But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here, everybody’s gonna jump for joy
Come all without, come all within
you’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn
Mighty Quinn’s BBQ is coming to Long Island City!  According to a report in Restaurant News, the fast-casual joint will open their first location in Queens

“later this year.”   Initiated at Smorgasburg in 2011 by drummer and cook Hugh Mangum, his success led to a full restaurant in the East Village in 2012 and 15 locations worldwide today.  Now the couple that’s retained the Queens franchise has honed in on the demographics of LIC and its being “only one stop away from Grand Central” for its initial foray.
According to the article the couple “are in the process of securing real estate.”  Hmm, where mighty it land?  If that quote above were the tether, then possible options in the Hunters Point area include the still-empty crabhouse or the massive 48th Avenue condo, or maybe a less-prominent (and less-expensive, ultimately) blow-out of a mid-block locale like Fifth Hammer Brewing’s.  My guess is none of the above and the “one-stop’ quote notwithstanding it’ll be in a new residential building with retail in its base that’s covetous of a fun magnet tenant as a distinction over in the Court Square/Queensboro Plaza area.  Oh real estate speculation is so much fun, as is eating bbq.
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