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REIT Tokenization Expert Panel Set for World’s Premier Real Estate Tokenization Conference Held…


Blockchain Week NYC 2019 Panel

As part of CoinDesk’s Blockchain Week NYC from May 10–17, Any Size Deals will be hosting the premier real estate tokenization conference in the world, ASDToken New York: “Tokenization of Real Estate” at The Williamsburg Hotel on May 16. The event will include panel discussions throughout the day, lunch, as well as networking sessions. Several of the most influential thought leaders at the intersection of real estate and blockchain will be in attendance.

BountyBase is SUPER EXCITED to be able to attend ASDToken New York, especially for THIS panel discussion, after covering two of the projects last week at the Security Token Summit in Los Angeles.

This REIT Tokenization expert panel is entitled “To Tokenize a REIT,” and includes Harbor’s Joshua Stein, OpenFinance Network’s Juan Hernandez, and Securitize’s Evan Malanga.


This primary issuance platform and lifecycle management protocol for digital securities has been making waves. You’ve probably heard of Securitize through their partnership with IBM or their backing by Coinbase. Recently, Securitize announced the launch of a token compliance program as mentioned in Cointelegraph.

In a recent Fireside Chat, Securitize’s Director, Evan Malanga, spoke with Kat Lam about the benefits that fractionalized ownership offers to investors. Malanga also spoke about how it lowers the barrier to entry for other investors that don’t have tens of millions of dollars to meet the minimum investment amount.

“You have the super high net worth individuals… they’re locked up in investments for 10+ years, the company isn’t IPOing. Having fractionalized ownership allows them to get liquidity,” Malanga said.

Read the latest about Securitize, such as their collaboration with the GO Philly Fund (led by Ben Franklin Technology Partners) to tokenize the $50 Million fund centered around Philly-based tech startups.

OpenFinance Network

Led by CEO Juan Hernandez, OpenFinance Network launched the first live, US-Regulated Security Token trading platform in December 2018. OpenFinance will be joining Securitize’s “Securitize Ready Program” along with Coinbase, Rialto Trading, and private investors, CBlock Capital. Read more about why Polymath Network’s CEO chose to partner with OpenFinance right here(*spoiler alert* it has to do with liquidity in secondary markets).

OpenFinance’s CEO, Juan Hernandez, spoke to Host of the Law and Blockchain Podcast, Amy Wan, earlier this year about how tokenization’s ability to improve operational efficiency will lead to more adoption. “The heart of uptick in adoption across the industry is quite simply operational efficiency,” Hernandez said.

“A lot of these alternative assets are transacted on paper or a spreadsheet somewhere. It’s a long and tedious multi-week process that is paper-heavy for a simple transfer of ownership. The operational efficiency of blockchain reduces the process to a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks. That’s at the heart of what will create the uptick in adoption across the industry,” Hernandez continued.

Listen to the full interview here.


Featured in places like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and TechCrunch, Harbor is building an open-source standard that defines a mechanism for how crypto-securities can be transferred compliantly on blockchains. In other words, Securitize is transforming private investments with blockchain technology to unlock more liquidity and value. Read more about Securitize’s new offices in New York, London, and their expansion of services to Asia.

Harbor’s CEO Joshua Stein sat down for an interview with 51% Crypto Research and discussed how tokenization could enhance equity multiples for the (estimated) $13–17 Trillion held in private commercial real estate.

“I think an asset owner can and should get a little bit better price from two different effects. One, you can syndicate more widely and bring the check size down. You have more potential bidders so that should give you a better price for the asset,” Stein said. “Separately, if you reduce the illiquidity discount, a portion of that reduction should get priced in at the beginning in what people are willing to pay. That should also give you a better price for the asset. It’s not the ICO craze of 2x or 10x of what it would otherwise be worth to a single buyer, but it is a bump,” he said. Catch the full interview right here.

Another Reason to Go?

Another ASDToken New York expert panel, “To Token or Not.” will feature Steven Nerayoff who is the CEO of Alchemist, an inventor of 20 international patents, and advisor to projects like Ethereum, tZero, and CasperLabs. You can read more about Steven’s pioneering experience here.


You can meet these groundbreaking companies and speakers, along with others such as CKR Law’s Alexandra “Sasha” Levin Kramer, and Rise House’s Monika Proffitt during CoinDesk’s Blockchain Week NY. You should purchase tickets for ASDToken New York before time runs out. There are less than four weeks until the event!

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