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My dragon Part 11 – Sara Jones – Medium


After the meeting, Vincent said farewell to his father and made his way outside to his car. The sun was starting to set beyond the tall building of breathtaking New York City. Vincent had always loved New York in the springtime. The air was cleaner. The Cherry trees danced in their new clothes. Even the New Yorkers seemed happier.

But the thing that was going to make this spring all the better was Kathryne. Vincent never cared for love. He never could understand why people would go silly when they said that they were in love.

He told himself that what he felt for Kathryne couldn’t possibly be love. No, it was simply him working to keep another royal safe. That’s all she was, a young naive royal that was in trouble.

Thinking of Kathryn he suddenly realized that he had completely missed his date with her. If you would call it a date. For Vincent, he had rashenolized that if he wanted to keep her safe, which was his duty, he would have to get her to like him. It was the only way.

Dialing her number in, he puts the phone to his ear. As he waits intently for her to pick up the phone one of his father’s servants pulls up his car and hops out handing the keys to Vincent. Once inside he the phone ends with no answer. Deciding to try again he pulls out onto the road. But alas there was still no answer.

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