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Products We Love: eero Wireless


We love our Apple products because they “just work”. Nothing takes away that feeling faster than bad Wi-Fi. The eero Wi-Fi system helps keep our devices working great, even in more challenging home and apartment layouts. Eero is a custom designed mesh system, with all the latest protocols, where your iPhone app is your network admin.

Finally a home wifi system worth recommending, enthusiastically. A beautifully packaged eero simply plugs into your current modem, and you begin configuring your network with a free app on your smartphone. There are a few configurations, the most common of which is the eero with two beacons. The beacon simply plugs into to your electrical outlet (à la the original Airport Express) and wirelessly connects to the main unit (the app guides you on optimum placement). The beacons even have a nightlight feature, which comes in handy when placed in bedrooms and hallways. And depending on the size and layout of your home you can reduce or increase the number of beacons until you’re covered (even in that pesky back room, or on the other side of that elevator), or get the Pro series, where you use multiple eero units instead of beacons for really intense coverage.

So, if you want Wi-Fi that just works, without the more complicated setups we would recommend and install in a business or enterprise environment, eero is for you. In a world where Apple stopped updating its Airport line, this swooped in and did it right, with a dash of Apple’s classic white design, and polished looks. In a world without updated Airports, we love eero.

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