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Paul Shaw, Designer, Writter, Design historian… – Gwennina Moigne – Medium


We met Paul Shaw in front of the New York Radio City Music Hall on a snowy saturday morning. While we were all freezing, Paul, as and fearless new-yorker, was wearing sandals! We got all very surprised as well as impressed by this brave outfit!

We first started to walk around the City Music Hall with it’s wonderful neon letterings and impressive sculptures. Then, we walked through the Rockefeller Center and discovered various art deco lettering and golden stone engraved roman letters.

Then, Paul took us into the subway to take a train to Forest Hill. After a one hour trip, we followed Paul through the streets of this charming residential neighbourhood. We found some various letterings on storefronts such as hand painted letterings and sometimes surprising or funny ones. After a long walk, Paul took us to an unexpected vintage ice cream dinner.

Finally, we headed to Frederic Goudy’s house and finished our walk with a quick sunny interview.

Front of the New York City Music Hall
The group in front of the Rockefeller Center
The ice cream store front

Paul Shaw Letter design
Twitter @PaulShawLetters

By Camila Leone & Gwennina Moigne
March 2nd, 2019. Walk in Manhattan & Forest Hill.

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