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Reduce the Risk of Failure with Caulk Repair Instead of Re-Caulking


Damaged shower caulk is a common occurrence. People often complain of peeling and cracking caulk. When your old caulk starts showing such signs, you look for a caulking repair service to seal your corners again for sometime. In this entire process of caulking and re-caulking, you sort of succumb to the fact that it has to be done every few months, without realizing that a new and better technology has been launched on the market. There is a new process — caulk replacement, which has totally eliminated the traditional practice of re-caulking as it delivers permanent results. Before you read on more about our exciting new service, let us first understand the reason behind caulking failure.

Caulk Before Restoration

Why does Caulking Fail Repeatedly?

The main reason behind caulk failure is the water penetrating the grout and the area beneath the tile, resulting in dampness and moist conditions. The dampness also leads to mold breeding, which further deteriorates the caulk. Caulk tends to peel off in wet conditions and crack in dry settings. Many of you do not keep the windows open in your bathrooms and there is not enough ventilation. The dampness and warm weather inside a washroom often makes the caulk peel. The cracks and crevices in the caulk lead to water accumulation, which again is favorable for mold. A caulk replacement becomes evident when your old caulk wear offs, but you get into a continuous loop by replacing, as it is bound to happen again.

How Caulk Replacement is Better that Re-caulking?

Owing to the above mentioned issues with caulk, it got necessary to use a better technology, which gave permanent results. One cannot avoid the dampness in a shower and nor can one avoid the dryness. We needed a technology, which was not affected with these weather conditions. After trying caulk replacement, we found it better in every way:

  • For caulk replacement, we use a product that does not pop off from the surface and also does not crack in dry weather conditions.
  • It does not peel like caulk in damp settings.
  • After caulk replacement, we could delivers permanent solution to shower corner sealing, while caulking has to be redone after a few months
  • Our new revolutionary product does not look bulky like caulk.
  • We can also shade our caulk replacement product so that it can match with the tile color, unlike caulk, which is not available in many shades.
Caulk Repair Service (Before and After Restoration)

How does D’Sapone help you get a Permanent Solution for Sealing your Shower Corners?

D’Sapone uses high quality products for replacing caulk in showers. Our experts only rely on products manufactured by pFOkUS for our caulking repair. Our experts are passionate artists who are highly trained in delivering perfection and high-quality restoration to your homes. We also offer 5 years labor warranty on our services. Before we engage in caulking repair, we first clean and sanitize your tile with our high-quality tile and grout cleaner. After the stone is cleaned, sanitized and prepped, we also focus on the grout. We use Sentura to seal the missing and cracked grout. Sentura can also be used to repair the cracks and chips in the tile surface.

So the next time you are looking for caulking restoration services, contact D’Sapone for a much better and permanent solution to re-caulking or caulking repair.

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