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Toledo, The ‘City Of Three Cultures’


View of Toledo, early in the morning, with a balloon in the sky as well
The San Martin Bridge over the Tajo River, leading into the old part of Toledo
By now, you know my fondness for windows and flowers
So many narrow, winding streets in Toledo
Going down one street
and going up another
and getting lost
By now, you know my fondness for windows and flowers
La Catedra Santa Marial De Toledo
La Virgen Blanca
‘El Transparente’ altarpiece created by sculptor Narciso Tome in 1732
High above, illuminated by a skylight, these figures look down on the visitors below.
‘The Disrobing Of Christ”by El Greco
Magic landscape driving South from Toledo
The windmills of Consuego

The second stop on our journey through the south of Spain was Toledo. a Unesco World Heritage Site. Toledo is influenced by the Jewish, Muslims and Christian communities who imprinted Toledo with their cultures. Before them, Roman and Visigoth rulers left traces of their occupation behind.

The ancient walled city, with its winding, narrow streets is much unchanged since the middle ages. Its Cathedral is one of the most spectacular ones I have ever visited.

Since we were in Toledo during Easter week-end, it was teaming with visitors, which made navigating the streets a bit difficult, but it still was very much worth a visit.

On the way further South, we stopped in Consuego to see 11 beautiful old windmills…and a castle too.

Our next stop is Córdoba.
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