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Repairing a Cracked or Chipped Tile is Better than Replacing it


Cracks and chips in your floor, shower or countertop tile is common. Rough use leads to wear and tear of the stone tile. Tile on the flooring faces human treading, heavy furniture impact, staining due to food and beverage spills and dirt accumulation. Shower tile is susceptible to soap scum, mold and hard water staining while countertops are prone to scratching and staining. If you have invested a huge chunk of money to get your favorite natural stone installed, the tiniest crack or chip on your surface can annoy you. If your contractor is advising you to replace your tile, then we have a better solution for you! It is possible to repair cracked and chipped tile and restore them just like new at nearly half the cost of replacing them. Such a cracked tile repair is best done by experts using high-quality products.

Cracked Tile Before Restoration

Why is Repairing a Cracked or Chipped Tile Better than Replacing?

  • Replacing works out costlier than repairing the tile.
  • You will have to endure long renovation hours and bear the dust and grime that follows with a construction job done in the house.
  • If you don’t get the matching tile, then you will have to replace the entire flooring or countertop for minor cracks or chips.
  • Often, if you have a new spare tile, the pigment of the new tile does not match with your tile, leading to a color mismatch and making it obvious that a replacement job has been done.
  • With good quality and strong adhesive fillers, it is now possible to repair cracks and chips on stone tile, resulting in a seamless job.
  • The new fillers available today for repairing broken tile, render a sleek and natural appearance without disturbing the integrity of your tile.
  • These new age fillers do not pop off from the surface, thereby giving permanent results.

Here is How Professional Repair Job Should be done:

Repairing Cracks in Grout:

While restoring cracks and chips, experts first check the cracks and missing spaces in the grout. Restoration is incomplete without repairing the missing or cracked grout. A good quality epoxy resin adhesive is used for repairing cracks in grout. This adhesive enters the gaps between the tile and forms a rock-solid bond which neither pops off from the surface nor is permissible. Cracked grout in shower is often covered with mold and mildew. This is because water enters these gaps and becomes stagnant, providing excellent breeding ground for germs and mold. As this epoxy resin grout is non-porous, there is no problem of molding or staining.

Repairing Cracks in Tile:

For cracked tile repair, experts use these fillers to perform a seamless repair job. An epoxy resin adhesive never pops off from the surface and delivers a natural look with its sleek appearance. New age epoxy resins can be pigmented in more than 40 colors in order to match the color of the tile.

After Repairing Cracked Tile

How to Maintain Grout and Tile after Repairing it?

Sealing Grout:

Just by repairing grout, you cannot guarantee that chips will not occur again. Experts first clean the grout thoroughly using a strong cleaner and then perform grout repair. Finally, they seal the grout using epoxy grout sealers, which form a protective layer on the surface, preventing further moisture absorption and staining. These sealers are available in more than 40 shades and thus can be matched to the surface.

Sealing Tile:

After sealing grout, experts perform tile sealing. After the surface has been cleaned and prepped with a good quality sealer and cracked tile repair has been done, they seal the entire surface with a clear-resin solvent based topical sealer, which coats the entire tile and forms a protective barrier, thereby preventing further molding and staining. Sealing also renders a slight sheen on the surface.

So if you are convinced that your cracks and chips can be restored by a repair job, then do contact our experts at D’Sapone — one of the leading stone and grout restoration service provider companies in the US. We provide remarkable cracked tile restoration services using high quality products manufactured by pFOkUS. We also offer 5 years labor warranty on our services.

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