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Take a look at an errant flamingo disrupting airport traffic in Mallorca


Passengers aboard an easyJet plane were in for a surprise when they discovered what was welcoming their flight into Palma, Mallorca. A flamingo had wandered out onto the tarmac as the plane was taxiing to its gate.

A more usual place to find a Spanish flamingo. Image by Reinhold Rensen / EyeEm/Getty Images

A video of the incident shows the easyJet plane following the flamingo as the bird saunters across the tarmac. In the video, a car horn can be heard trying to startle the bird into flight, but the flamingo doesn’t seem to notice. ‘A flamingo received passengers arriving at the airport of Palma this morning,’ An airport crew member who posted the video said on Twitter. ‘Very elegant, walking on the tarmac.’

An easyJet representative told USA Today the incident didn’t cause any harm or delays.

A wildlife control crew was dispatched to handle the wayward bird, but it was a wild goose chase – the flamingo had flown away by the time the crew arrived. Airports around the world utilize a variety of methods to keep birds away from planes, including using trained dogs and hawks to disperse flocks, as well as equipment like sonic cannons and lasers.

Flamingos are common in Mallorca, usually visiting in winter. Generally, the birds gather in flocks around in the island’s southern salt pans.

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