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What’s The Deal? Govs. Murphy, Cuomo At Odds Over Congestion Pricing Plan – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Has a congestion pricing agreement been reached between New York and New Jersey? That depends who you ask.

Gov. Phil Murphy calls it a “conceptual understanding” over a tax that would have hit New Jersey drivers twice as they enter Manhattan. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, however, says the deal is not set in stone.

Meanwhile, the head of the Metropolitan Transportation Association says the agency has “no idea” what the governors are talking about.

Congestion pricing is moving full speed ahead in New York. Starting in 2021, drivers entering Manhattan below 60th Street will be charged a toll.

This has many New Jersey drivers saying pump the breaks.

“I feel like they’re just taking advantage of the taxpayers and the public,” said Zunir Baba, of Edison.

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Murphy said after meeting with Cuomo last week, Garden State commuters will be getting the break he was fighting for.

“New Jersey commuters will be treated equally at all Hudson River crossings – the Lincoln and the Holland tunnels and the George Washington Bridge,” he said. “New Jersey will also have a seat at the table as the plan moves forward.”

Murphy claims that Cuomo guaranteed a credit or discount to toll payers at all Hudson River crossings. One of his concerns was that commuters using the George Washington Bridge would be double tolled.

But not so fast.

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Cuomo acknowledged the meeting took place but said a discount for New Jersey drivers is not set in stone.

The MTA also chimed in, with Chairman and CEO Patrick Foye saying in a statement, “With all due respect to Governor Murphy, we have no idea what he is talking about. No agreement has been reached with New Jersey or anyone else on credits, exemptions or carveouts because the MTA will determine the Central Business District tolls and other terms once the Traffic Mobility Review Board has made its recommendations and traffic and congestion analyses are completed.”

Cuomo’s office added the MTA won’t make a decision on congestion pricing until a two-year study is complete.

Murphy said he and Cuomo did not discuss whether New Jersey would get any of the money generated by plan. When asked if he would bring it up in the future, Murphy said, we’ll see.

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