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Products we love: Apple AirPods


AirPods are the best new product from Apple in the past few years. They are the epitome of what Apple does best: seamless integration of hardware and software to create a great customer experience. They are effortless. The W1 chip allows near-instant pairing and usage on multiple devices. Their lightweight balance makes them practically forgotten once placed in your ears. AirPods just fit and just stay – even during periods of physical activity (yes, they pass the running test). They also get recharged every time you store them in the included case, making charging almost too easy.

AirPods are ranked as one of, if not, the best in Bluetooth headphones on the market. They maintain their connection far, far better than any competitor. The brilliant charging case only needs to be charged (with an included Lightning cable) about once a week for most users. Unlike your iPhone or iPad, AirPods are almost always charged when you want them to be.

Where they really excel is in voice quality in a wireless headphones. Whether you’re taking a call or in a Google Hangout, the audio quality is excellent: no drops, no low audio, and minimal background noise. For people who video or audio conference frequently, AirPods are a must-have item.

They are so in demand, they have been almost constantly out of stock at most Apple Stores since they came out in April 2017. It’s less than a week until Christmas and we have them in stock (as of the writing)! They make a great holiday gift for anyone who has an iPhone.

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