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‘Bond Street Coffee And Goods’ Opens At 365 Bond Street in Gowanus


‘Bond Street Coffee And Goods’ just opened up in the commercial ground floor space of the Lightstone Building in Gowanus. The new café is probably a welcome addition for the residents of both 365 and 363 Bond Street.  The space has been sitting empty ever since the residential development was completed.
Bond Street Coffee and Goods serves espresso for $3 or cappuccino for $4, along with teas and cold beverages. Besides croissants, pains aux chocolat and muffins, it offers breakfast sandwiches as well as various lunch options like kale salad and chicken caprese sandwiches.
There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the business’ relation to d’Amico Coffee on Court Street.  I stopped by to talk to Frank D’Amico in his store a few days ago to inquire and he explained that he and Joanie have nothing to do with this Bond Street location. According to Frank, the new café was opened by his partner in the Red Hook Warehouse, where d’Amico Coffee is roasted. Nothing more.
Yet, when I asked the young lady at the café yesterday, she was eager to tell me that the business belonged to d’Amico Coffee’s owner.
No matter, we imagine that the residents of the Lightstone buildings appreciate having the new business there.

Just across the street at 363 Bond Street, a wine and liquor store is applying for a New York State license, so there will be more commercial activity on the corner of First and Bond Streets soon.

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