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Barleycorn throws in the towel



Barleycorn, the bar and restaurant at 20 Murray whose building has been vacated ever since the collapse at 21 Park Place, has decided to throw in the towel. The DOB still has a vacate order on the building, and the end is not in sight. R. spotted the news on Facebook and added that the business was a good neighbor and the owner “cleaned up the place and made it into a decent establishment.” (The Irish American Pub at 17 John has the same owner but different managers.)

From FB: “It’s with a heavy heart that we have to announce that Our beloved “Barleycorn” will not be re-opening. The building collapsing next door December 20th means our building still has a “ vacate” order on it and there’s still no light at the end of tunnel. Thank you to all the magnificent patrons and dedicated staff for making this venture a place for all and a home to many!!! What a beautiful beast it was…”

A call to the folks at Monk McGinn’s, who also own Lily O’Brien at 18 Murray, said they hadn’t given up yet, but had no idea when they would be given the go-ahead. 16 and 18 Murray, which are also connected to 19 Park Place, have a $6,000 fine for violating the stop-work order there.

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