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One Of The Large London Plane Trees Snaps In Half On President Street


Photos of tree pruning along President Street between Smith and Court this morning.
(photos courtesy of Mary P.)
London Plane tree on this block snapped in two just a few hours later.
(photo by Jim C.)
This morning, our friend and PMFA reader Mary P. sent us photos of a NYC Parks Department (or sub-contractor for the department) pruning some of the old London Plane trees along President Street between Smith and Court Street. “I hope they are just pruning and not taking the whole trees down,” Mary wrote.
I assured her that the trees had been in dire need of pruning for a while and that the Parks Department almost never cuts down living trees.
Well, wouldn’t you know.  Just a few moments ago, friend Jim C. sent us a photo of one of the trees on that block, near the entrance to the Carroll Park ball field,  snapped in half, with its branches blocking the entire street. 
Luckily, there have been no reports injuries, but it looks as though at least one car sustained some damage.
Of course it could be coincidence that the tree pruning on that block and one of them snapping in half happened just hours apart. But those London Plane trees have stood there for decades and it looks health.
Not sure we will be able to find out, but it is sad to lose one of these old giants.

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