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We went to work. Divide and conquer. App interface design, microservices scaffolding, API integrations, cloud infrastructure. We were the A-Team, the Rescue Rangers, d’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers — even though we shared ownership respectfully, and encouraged collaborative input instead of a unilateral hierarchy, because we’re super woke…

We built a snazzy little app, this Lamppost… It took your destination, and displayed some options for you. Uber, Lyft, Juno, and Gett. We were actually able to interface with Uber and Lyft, to get price quotes, the same way Google was doing it for Maps. Juno and Gett we faked, because we only had 24 hours to build this thing. Also because they didn’t have systems to interface with. In fact — we built the app interface, a couple NodeJS microservices, and wired the whole thing up on Amazon’s cloud. It was live… In the world, on the internet, and you could use it. We deployed it in 24 hours, and we’re going to demo it by just using it at www.lamppost.app the next afternoon. Holy crap, this is coming together!

Then someone happened to have a chat with some of the dudes at Coord.

What do you mean we’re not allowed to do this???

Coord is a Sidewalk Labs product. Sidewalk Labs is an Alphabet Inc. company. Alphabet Inc. might sound familiar, because they also own a little company called Google. Now we’re getting into another heavy Golden Girls session at like the 16th, of 24 hours. Turns out the thing Google Maps does to put up Uber and Lyft’s price options, does not sit well with Uber. I don’t remember where it was in the terms of service for using Uber’s systems back then — but today you can find it at the top of their API documentation.

It comes before the “Introduction”.

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