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A Perfect 3-Day Weekend in Long Island City


Staying home in LIC this weekend

MEMORIAL Day weekend is here, and it’s going to be a beauty in Long Island City. Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘A 3-day weekend, the perfect occasion to catch-up and re-read all the posts on LICtalk, delve into the issues, leave lengthy comments on the site including links to white papers you’ve written about certain ideas mentioned here, and debate them with both neighbors and strangers at all the local bars and breweries to the point where the bouncer feels the need to separate us you.’

Sure, that would be an awesome way to spend the long weekend, but I beg you, please limit yourselves to one hour a day max of LICtalk screen time and discourse. Otherwise I’ll have no one to play badminton with.

//DOES the editor of The Court Square Blog sleep on 44th Drive? He’s on top of every new thing that happens there as well in the rest of Court Square and Queens Plaza as well. And it’s not news in stating that there are a lot of changes going on there. I’ve linked to a few new restaurant updates below, but for all that’s going on check out the site.

Signage Appears For Restaurant ‘Go Nonna’ on 44th DriveItalian & Argentine home cooking

Dumpling D’Or Opening on Queens Plaza Northdumplings for the working crowd

‘Adda’ Named in Food & Wine in Top-10 New Restaurants Nation Widein LIC

Mayor Pete Draws a Crowd in LICat a town hall at LaGuardia CC this week

‘Family’ Fights Eviction in LIC Apartment StruggleMayor Pete is the big picture and headline, this is reality

LIC Comedy Bar Hopes to Divert an Alt-Right Provocateur’s Podcast Appearance scheduled for Creek n Cave this weekend

Permits Filed For 30-82 Crescent Street sure, it’s just north of the border in Astoria, but very much typifies the type of new residential going up in non-descript low-rise neighborhoods

This Italian Blacksmith Had a Shop on Vernon Boulevardkitty-corner to what is now Costco

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