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Eric Garner Case, 5 Years Later – Dominic Carter – Medium


PBA President Pat Lynch says Departmental Trial should vindicate Officer Daniel Pantaleo

With the Departmental trial of Officer Daniel Pantaleo continuing, the President of the PBA, Pat Lynch adamantly asserts Pantaleo should not lose his job.

“Instead he resisted arrest. (Talking about Eric Garner) The police officer did not use a choke hold.” PBA President Pat Lynch talking to Journalist Dominic Carter
NYPD Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo

“What ccrb…the prosecutor is doing is taking still photographs of a millisecond in time…Police officer went out there and professionally did their job and it ended in tragedy. What they tried to do is de-escalate the situation….used everything they were trained…tried every conversation, basically said please put your hands behind your back, and we’ll get this arrest done and we’ll all move on, but unfortunately Mr. Garner chose otherwise.” PBA President Pat Lynch

The point from Lynch is that Officer Pantaleo did NOT use a NYPD banned chokehold, but the Medical Examiner who performed an autopsy, testified Garner died of Asthma caused by Officer’s Chokehold. In other words that Officer Pantaleo used enough force, that it led to “a lethal cascade of events.”

TV Story Journalist Dominic Carter did
Discussing her son’s Autopsy. Gwen Carr, Eric Garner’s Mother talking with Journalist Dominic Carter

Ultimately the police commissioner will decide Pantaleo fate. Pantaleo can be fired which would mean he would lose his pension. A Staten Island Grand Jury declined to indict him. I asked Lynch would does he believe Police Commissioner O’Neill will do?

“If he bases his decision on the evidence that was presented in that courtroom, and is fair minded about it…doesn’t look to politics or passion, the verdict will have to be not guilty.” PBA President Pat Lynch

In the 2014 video Garner said repeatedly “I can’t breath.” We asked Lynch if he has a message for Garner’s mother Gwen Carr.

“No one would lesson the fact that her son lost his life that day. That was no one’s intention. Who knows why it happened….but it could have gone a different way. but No one can take away the sorrow and broken heart of a mother, and we don’t disrespect that at all.” PBA President Pat Lynch

Below is the full interview with Lynch. All the topics he and Journalist Dominic Carter discussed. (Besides Eric Garner, the release of Cop Killers, and NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio running for President)

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