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Summer Fridays Mask Review.


Okay I am going to do something I never would usually would do and just admit it- the new Summer Fridays R+R Mask is a total bust. Don’t buy it. Avoid. It’s basically a tube of (clean?) vaseline that’s sort of a scrub but not actually effective because the scrubby granules are immersed in the sticky vaseline so you can’t actually scrub your face. It’s a hot mess and totally ineffective BUT it does smell very lovely; like roses. I don’t want to write a bad review, but I also don’t want you guys to spend $52 on a product only to be disappointed.

This mask is a hot mess. I used it and broke out. And then I thought something was wrong with me so I tried it again and broke out again. This mask is not a good one.

If you’re wondering why I had professional photos taken of this mask, it’s because I wanted to take nice photos before I got into the testing process. This is actually pretty normal – take pretty photos, then test the products. That way, you don’t have to worry about ruining the packaging if you are hard on things. It’s a good strategy for brands you love and use on the reg but this is an anomaly, it is a brand I truly love but not a good mask. IT IS BAD.

I do love the brand otherwise, so let’s discuss their better masks. We shall never speak of the R+R Mask again as it’s terrible. Absolutely awful.  Seriously, don’t buy it. I don’t know what the team was thinking but their other two masks are DIVINE. Truly, I don’t mean to talk shit but man – I don’t know what happened with this one!!!

Summer Fridays Mask Review: Jet Lag Mask


This face mask is perfect for when you are flying or traveling (0r after flying or traveling, when your skin is all dried out!). It’s super hydrating and will instantly restore the skin’s moisture barrier; protecting it from dry airplane air or repairing the moisture it’s already lost if you are hungover, overtired, or have been traveling too much!


This mask contains Vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone, Vitamin E to rid skin of free radicals, Sodium Hyaluronate to boost skin’s moisture content, and Arginine which is a naturally occurirng amino acid and the building block of proteins!

How to Use the Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays

  • This can be used before bedtime as an overnight mask. It’s great for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
  • It’s also great on the plane as an in-flight mask. Mist your face with a face mist and then spread on a thin layer (don’t worry, it goes on clear.)
  • Anytime you want to look uber dewy, add this to your skin care routine It will leave you looking like a Glossier model!
  • Basically, this mask is a good idea anytime moisturizer just isn’t enough or you have stressed out skin. It is amazing for dry skin. You don’t have to take it off, you can just rub it in after 10-15 minutes. There’s no need to rinse off, just tissue off excess and massage it in!

Summer Fridays Mask Review: Overtime Mask


This mask is perfect for dull skin and uneven texture. It will clarify and polish away dead skin cells, leaving behind glowing skin!


This face mask is packed with good for you ingredients! Pumpkin is actually loaded with fruit enzymes. It contains vitamin A and vitamin C to smooth and brighten. Beta Carotene supports natural skin turnover which leads to GLOWING skin.

How to Use the Overtime Mask by Summer Fridays

Apply a thick layer of the mask to clean, dry skin. Massage the formula into skin for a minute (as always – avoid eye area!) Leave on for ten minutes. Wash off using warm water and a wash cloth, and pat skin dry. Follow up with your usual evening routine (serum, moisturizer, oil). Use twice a week or whenever skin feels dull and dry! This mask contains gently exfoliating extracts and will leave skin feeling perfect and smooth.

Summer Fridays Mask Review Results

Honestly, both of these masks are FAB. I was a die hard fan til I tried the R+R  mask, but in thinking more about the other two, this one is the exception and not the rule. The Jet Lag mask is incredible for hydration and the two mask would be a great combo if you feel like double masking!

Just please – avoid the R+R mask – its terrible.

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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