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Placard parking abuses push residents to the edge


Desperate times take desperate measures. In a move that was effective commentary without crossing the line to plain-old-gross (ie, minus the bags), residents have left fecal messages on the roof and windshield of permanently parked city-issued cars that have been camped on Greenwich for what one reader said is two months now. (Both V. and A. sent extensive documentation to me and to Margaret Chin’s office.) Some residents also left hand-written notes; Taste folks asked for cooperation to move off the street for their event — and all three gestures fell on deaf ears not just from the city worker who parked the car, but from just about anyone in charge both in the elected officials offices and the DOB.

Clearly the mayor’s heralded placard reforms were much ado about nothing.

I applaud the act of civil disobedience from the dog owners offering some satisfaction until the city manages to act. There is no rational explanation for cars just left there for free parking. They are clearly not being used for the department’s work.

V. notes that it’s not just those two cars on Greenwich and Chambers alongside Washington Market Park. Here’s her recent accounting:

  • 2 other cars further up on Greenwich
  • 7 on Reade just east of Greenwich
  • 2 on Duane at Hudson (one with a flat tire)

“I’m concerned for my neighborhood,” wrote V. in a letter to Chin. “It’s gotten beyond just an abuse of parking and power, it’s a faulty and ridiculous attempt at fixing a problem that could easily be fixed if an ounce more of thought were put into it. It only benefits lazy Building Department Bureaucrats who don’t want to deal with the situation. And recently, it’s becoming a health issue (dirty streets and bags of dog poop collecting on cars festering…nice image, huh?).”

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