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For the last five years, every spring CoinDesk has hosted Consensus blockchain technology conference in New York City. The idea is to bring together the top brands and developers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces to learn what’s new and what’s next.

Interesting fact: as an outstanding industry event Blockchain Week has historically proven to be able to impact Bitcoin’s price. In 2017 during the week, Bitcoin marked an impressive increase by about 60%. Alas, later the price dropped again.

This year the main trend is paying more attention to the basis of blockchain technology. Unlike last year, when the key goal was to show who and how much earns via the technology, this year everyone was focused on the ideas of brining blockchain into everyday life. For example, The CryptoNouveau event was a great place to meet the top thinkers of blockchain industry, discuss and get to know where the technology is going next in their point of view.

Inside the conference halls, talks were focused on demos and practical results rather than promises to change the world. Compared to the heady atmosphere of last year, the event had an air of quiet confidence. You could feel that the attendees were focused on building and growing the industry. Laura Shin, a famous blockchain journalist, noted that 2019 was the year of launches.

David Chaum, an inventor of eCash, presented the founded company, Elixxir, and to talk about cMix, which uses blockchain to create a secure, anonymous, digital method of communication, payments and apps usage. This has the potential to be revolutionary because it combines and includes speed with metadata protection, which lack lots of blockchain applications.

Jules Miller, a partner at IBM Blockchain Ventures, spoke about IBM’s Blockchain Accelerator in opening remarks. This is a program in partnership with Columbia University, where the company selects promising projects, helps them to develop and launch successfully. It is free and lasts about 8 weeks. Hopefully, this will lead to the creation of something very useful.

Private, enterprise blockchains remain a strong theme in the industry. Amazon Web Services took to the stage for the first time this year to demo their new managed blockchain service. ConsenSys similarly introduced their new Business Cloud, Kaleido. Although some people dismiss these private blockchains as nothing more than slow enterprise databases, for many use-cases (auditing, cross-departmental communication, etc) they might prove to be valuable.

However, special attention at the conference was paid to public blockchain and their benefits. This was perhaps best illustrated by Microsoft’s decision to launch their decentralised identity initiative on Project ION on Bitcoin’s blockchain. What’s interesting is that it’s a decentralized system, i.e. not controlled by any company, organization or group: in other words, no one owns or controls PKI identifiers and entries and no one determines who can or cannot participate.

Generally, Blockchain Week is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world who work on the developments in blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces, whether you attend official Consensus events or unofficial blockchain week events. By the way, Next year promises to be even better.


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