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Christopher Lee Sauvé Brings Dernier Cri Pop Culture into Luxury Fashion Design and You Will Crave…


The provocateur wild child of fashion

Christopher gained the approval and praise of many of the most influential editors all over the world : Vogue, the New York Times, Glamour, NY Magazine, WWD etc. His t-shirts that he describes as having a “commentary and some kind of statement along with an image that’s very easy to comprehend” have gained a significant popularity and many celebrities profess their love for his creations.

Among the faithful disciples, we can count Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus for example. Miley Cyrus even posted the statement : “Christopher’s shit is dope, and punk’s not dead.” along with photos of herself wearing the famous Terry Richardson t-shirt on Instagram and Twitter.

Three of the most controversial t-shirts of Christopher Lee Sauvé

The “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” t-shirt Christopher created after a Kate Moss quote, presented with an empty nutrition values chart, created the biggest polemic in Christopher’s career and labeled him as “provocateur” in many medias. The Hudson Bay’s Company who was distributing in t-shirts pulled them out of stores, refusing to promote hate and fat-shaming messages, pressured by the offended ublic opinion who sent a lot of complaints. In the same interview with the Globe and Mail, Christopher explained that his design ethics were never and never will be hateful. He explains : “At the end of the day, I personally agree: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, I’ve been overweight and, when I work out and I’m healthy, I feel better. Some people said that the shirt should say, ‘Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels,’ but it doesn’t sound the same. It’s a fashion quote.

Trying to unlearn Christopher’s wild child facade helps understanding the ethos and message of his designs better : society does give us the uncomfortable and discriminatory feeling that skinny indeed feels better. And Kate Moss quote was formatted and induced by a harsh and narrow-minded industry at the time with high standards of what they conceive as “beauty”. The same type of message, with a provocative headline, can be found on the popular t-shirt “God don’t like ugly”.

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