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New York’s latest mashup is a boozy frozen delight


If anything tastes better than a super cold beverage on a hot, steamy day, it’s a sweet frozen treat—and now overheated New Yorkers won’t have to choose between the two.

The bar at the Flying Cock in Manhattan.

A boozy Dark ‘n Stormy ice cream float is on offer at the Flying Cock in Manhattan. Image by Jess Klein

On the east side of Manhattan in Kips Bay, a pub called the Flying Cock has introduced the ultimate summertime refreshment: a Dark ‘n Stormy ice cream float. Like the traditional drink, it’s a potent mix of Gosling’s rum, ginger beer, and lime juice, with a custom rum and ginger–laced ice cream from Tipsy Scoop, a shop known for its line of liquor-infused flavors. It’s basically a spiked milkshake—emphasis on the spiked. “It’s essentially a boozy dessert that’s acceptable to enjoy in cocktail form,” the Flying Cock’s owner, Ken McCoy, says.

He found inspiration for the Cock’s concoction off the back of a trip to Bermuda—which is fitting, since the drink originated there back in the mid-1800s. One fateful day, as legend has it, boozehounds at the island’s Royal Naval Officer’s Club added locally produced ginger beer to locally produced Gosling’s rum, and voila: a classic cocktail was born. It’s the country’s unofficial drink to this day, popular in bars and homes around the island, so when Ken was brainstorming ideas for new menu items, it’s no surprise he thought of the beloved Bermudian beverage.

Dark 'n Stormy ice cream float

New York’s latest mashup is the boozy Dark ‘n Stormy float at Kips Bay pub the Flying Cock. Image by Jess Klein

One party in particular came to mind. “It was a crazy night where many Dark ‘n Stormys were consumed,” he says. “Somehow that popped into my head. I knew I wanted to work with Tipsy scoop because they’re known for their amazing ice cream.” The neighboring businesses put their talents to work, and so far, it’s been a success.

Launched 5 June and available through Labor Day, the drink is already proving popular with patrons, and Ken expects that to continue throughout the summer. But for those who prefer their ice cream in unadulterated form, Tipsy Scoop’s Kips Bay and Williamsburg stores will be selling the Dark ‘n Stormy flavor through the end of July. “It’s always great to support local businesses and partner up with other brands that have the same fun and creative vision,” Ken says.

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