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Photos: NYC Protesters Call For Trump’s Impeachment During Nationwide Day Of Protest


Several hundred anti-Trump protesters converged on Foley Square in Lower Manhattan on Saturday as part of a nationwide day of action calling for the president’s impeachment.

Demonstrators brought placards and homemade signs with messages ranging from “TRAITOR IN CHIEF! IMPEACH!” to “ALL PURPOSE PISSED OFF PROTEST SIGN FUCK 45.” One protester displayed a large American flag declaring “Impeachment Is Patriotic,” while a Trump impersonator wandered through the crowd dressed in a grey and white prison uniform.

Thaís Marques, a 24-year old campaign manager with CREDO Action, spoke about the fear that immigrant families live with under the Trump administration. Marques recounted how in all her years as a previously undocumented immigrant, she has felt more threatened than ever since Trump‘s election.

“Every day I wake up with a deadline looming over my head, for when my DACA expires,” Marques said.

The protest was organized by a coalition of advocacy groups including Empire State Indivisible, Black Lives Matter Greater New York, and CREDO Action, among others. Speakers included Rep. Carolyn Maloney, whose district encompasses Manhattan’s east side, Greenpoint, and Queens.

“I’ve been thinking about impeachment for a long time,” Maloney said. “It’s is not something that Congress, or our country, can undertake lightly—it’s a terrible, weighty thing. After carefully reviewing evidence laid out in the Mueller Report…it is my inescapable conclusion that the House of Representatives must open an impeachment inquiry against the President of the United States.”

Former NY Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman was also in attendance. Holtzman, who was a Judiciary Committee member in 1974 and recommended Nixon be impeached, said this was not an issue between Democrats, or Republicans, but an issue of democracy.

“There are other grounds for potential impeachment against Donald Trump. He kidnapped children from their parents,” Holtzman said. “No one’s been punished.”

A small contingent of Trump supporters staged a counterprotest, as did a group of Revolutionary Communist Party (Revcom) members. The Trump supporters largely stayed in one spot throughout the two-hour rally, while the Revcom members attempted to hijack proceedings using a portable loudspeaker.

“People are still caught up thinking like Americans, when they should be thinking about reality,” said Davis Parker, a Revcom member. “This country has 800 military bases all over the world, is the number one consumer of the world’s oil, and they’re talking about a non binding agreement.”

Jim MacDonald, an actuary and Trump supporter from Flushing, said the Mueller report was conclusive proof that there was no collusion with Russia, and he found those rallying “pitiful, and pathetic,” for demanding an impeachment inquiry.

Meanwhile, another Trump supporter wandered the crowd lifting up her shirt off to reveal her breasts while waving a rainbow flag that read “LGBT FOR TRUMP.”

Shannon Stagman, a Park Slope resident and the afternoon’s organizer, said she sees this rally as a wake up call to politicians, especially Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler.

“We’re really just hoping to send a message to the government that people are ready to see action on this issue,” Stagman said.

At least 60 members of Congress now support an impeachment inquiry, and a recent national poll shows support for impeachment growing among voters—mostly with Democrats—but in an interview on Sunday, Pelosi continued to resist calls for impeachment, saying, “I don’t think there’s anything more divisive we can do than to impeach a President of the United States, and so you have to handle it with great care.”

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