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Rats. Coming Out Of The Sewers To A New York Town Near You


Although some of them might be cute and furry, rats aren’t the type of animal that you want to see while you’re walking on New York streets. However, that’s the situation that many people are now facing as rats are taking over the city. At times, the rats tend to navigate toward the people who are in the city while the people try to make their way to the other side of the street or indoors so that they aren’t bombarded by the pests. Rats even make their way inside cars that are parked on the sides of city streets, parking lots, and driveways. They have found ways to make life a bit more complicated by chewing wires so that people are unable to travel anywhere by car until they get the damages repaired.

Several restaurants in Manhattan have become a refuge for rats that are seeking all the food that they want. They even go inside the restaurants to search for scraps that are dropped on the floor. Most of them can get enough food by waiting outside for the evening trash to be tossed out. Residents who live in housing complexes in the Bronx and other areas find that they are navigating through a maze of rats at some point during the day whether the pests are on the stairs or in the homes that are occupied. If there are units that aren’t occupied by people, then there’s usually a family of rats that have taken over.

It hasn’t been a secret that rats have been seen in areas across New York. They’ve usually taken to the sewers and places where people don’t often travel unless they are looking for food. However, there are now so many rats in New York that they are migrating to almost every area of New York City. They are being seen in areas where you might not expect rats to travel to, such as high-class apartment buildings and extravagant stores. It’s not uncommon to walk down a city sidewalk and see a group of rats that are trying to make their way across the street along with people who are trying to reach their destination as well.

There are former military personnel who have experienced grisly situations who aren’t accustomed to seeing the rats in the city. Pablo Herrera has counted about 30 rats at one time while he’s walked in New York near the Brooklyn Museum and other popular landmarks.

Residents who live in the city can contact 311 when they have concerns about the number of rats that they see. The number of reports made has risen by about 38 percent since 2014. This might not seem like a large number to some, but it equates to close to 20,000 rat reports made by people who live in New York. The number of reports made by the city health department has also doubled as they have seen more rat activity in areas that were once clean and free of vermin.

Some mayors in New York have taken matters into their own hands. They are trying to do everything possible to defeat the rats in the city, but it’s a losing battle because the rats keep reproducing. As they reproduce, they continue to take over the buildings that they live in as well as the streets. They no longer feel that they have to stay in the darkness and are often seen during the daytime instead of only at night. Some mayors feel that they are responsible for the increase in the number of mice in New York as they should do more to keep cities clean. Without residents making an effort to help in cleaning the cities as well, then the efforts are usually pushed by the wayside. Even though there are numerous rats in large cities of the state, it’s not something that people enjoy seeing. They want something done about the rats, but no one really knows what they should be doing.

There is one reason as to why some people think that there are more rats being seen above the streets. As more companies dig into the ground and erect businesses and homes, the activity stirs up the nests of rats that are in the ground. When rats have their homes disturbed, they get a taste of freedom and usually don’t want to go back underground.

Another reason why rats might be taking over more often now than in the past is because of the warmer temperatures in New York. Rats enjoy warm weather, and since it’s not as cold in New York as rats are accustomed to, it’s easier for them to meet each other and breed. The warmer weather also makes it a bit easier to find food as they don’t have to hide inside buildings and warm areas. They can travel throughout the city to reach homes and businesses that have food readily available, which is also beneficial for reproducing.

Rats aren’t only seen more often in New York. Higher numbers have spread to Chicago, Philadelphia, and other major cities that aren’t accustomed to seeing large numbers of rats. Aside from being unsightly to look at, rats pose a risk to your health because they carry diseases that can easily be transmitted to people and other animals. There have been residents in the Bronx who have died from bacterial infections that are spread through rat urine.

There are crews that are dedicated to trying to eradicate as many rats as possible. These crews set up areas with poison in them where they know rats tend to gather. Many cities now ask that companies have a plan in mind of how they will handle rats once they are disturbed. Some of the stations that are set out for rats have contraceptives in them to prevent rats from breeding. Residents in New York and other states where rats are taking over are being taught about how to keep food out of trash cans and other methods of controlling rats so that they don’t continue to take over the streets.

Rats have decided to take over pizza boxes in New York. They play in the sandboxes at playgrounds while children are playing at the same time. Parents are accustomed to seeing rats while they are trying to spend time with their kids, which is something that city officials are trying to get under control because they want families to feel safe and clean whether they are at home or out and about in the town.

One way that city officials and mayors have vowed to try to clean up the rat population is by installing litter boxes. Once the boxes are filled with corpses of rats, they are picked up and disposed of so that more rats can be collected. Dry ice is also being used to help control the rat population. The number of rat sightings did decrease in 2018, but the number of reports is up once again as the rats have figured out ways to get around the methods of destruction. An area where more rats are being spotted is the Upper West Side. Trash bags can be seen on the sidewalks along with boxes of food, which is what attracts rats and other vermin.

City officials know that they have to use more money to reach a solution that will get rid of more rats instead of just trying to come up with a temporary way to get rid of a few rats for a few months. From health inspections that have failed to trash that continues to build on the city streets, there has been a recent push in the effort to clean up the rat population. However, residents aren’t sure that these ideas will result in a significant decrease in the number of rats that are taking over the city and coming up from the sewers.

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