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Nosy Neighbor: What’s happening at the bank on Canal and Broadway?

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J. spotted the new use of the bank on the southwest corner of Canal and Broadway first, and from the link he found at the time I couldn’t make sense of it. It required an in-person visit, and even with that, the concept is a bit hard to wrap your mind around.

Le Board turns out to be modeled like an old-fashioned department store — think Bloomingdale’s or L&T, but on a much smaller scale and with a twist: all the products are by and for women. On the ground floor they have a bit of everything: makeup, shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelry — all displayed on tables or racks throughout the (massive) space. Along the back of the store, open to the rest of the room, are several tables for services from an outpost of the Wink Brow Bar, which has locations in the West Village, Rock Center, 6th Avenue and Cobble Hill.

Scheduled for upstairs is a co-working space with rates starting at $300 a month (and the website implies that the co-working firms must have at least one female founder, like the retail). There’s also a coffee bar planned for the downstairs, called Space 194.

Le Board took a year-long lease, and this is their second year in business. They started at 67th and Fifth. Sales associate Laticia Bispo explained the ins and outs of the place for now; I’ll go back when things are more fully developed.

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