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36 Hours in Nashville!


Nashville was THE MOST fun. I had never been before and we had SO, SO much fun. We were there for the last of our live shows but we also got to see quite a bit of the city and do a lot, so I wanted to share everything we did here! I will caveat that there was one big miss: we did not see any live music! I know, I know… please don’t judge – it’s a good reason to plan a return trip. I’ll be honest; the live shows pull from a pool of energy that we’re not necessarily used to using so afterward we tend to want to just “old lady.” Both nights ended with early bedtimes and a glass of wine at our hotel bar and I feel great about that!

That being said, next time we will 100% see more live music – I’ve been told that Layla’s and Roberts are the best places to go. (And I’ve also created a Nashville travel guide, which I will update as I visit there more – it’s nice having everything in one place!)

We stayed at The Noelle and it is probably the best/one of my most favorite hotels I’ve ever stayed in. It’s beautiful – the downstairs had a definite Soho House vibe. The rooms are plush and cozy, there’s an amazing coffee shop downstairs, and there’s even a cool speakeasy (Hidden Bar). One thing we both really loved is that they give you refillable water bottles and then on every floor there are “kegs” of both still and sparkling water where you can refill your bottle. It’s the little things!

(Full disclosure: The Noelle gifted us a room for two nights in exchange for coverage on Instagram.)

Having coffee at Drugstore Coffee in our beautiful hotel lobby…

They have an option to do a one bedroom with two king beds which is perfect for a girls trip. Either do what Becca and I did and luxuriate in your own king bed, or you can easily fit four to a room for a larger group!

After our shows we had a full day to explore. We started with brunch at Deacon’s New South which is conveniently just across from The Noelle. This spot is FANTASTIC. Just don’t fill up on biscuits! We ordered the biscuit board (pictured above) which was a little slice of heaven… and then I got an omelette and Becca had a fried chicken BLT. As you might guess, I didn’t eat much of my omelette, instead opting to have half of  Becca’s sandwich. It was so, so good and now I am convinced that every BLT should contain fried chicken. Is that too much to ask?

Then we took a long walk along Broadway and 2nd (where all the live music was!) We had hopes and dreams of seeing lots of live music but as I already mentioned, were major failures in that department. After our stroll we were pretty hot so we took an uber to Parnassus Books. which is an institution in the books world – it’s Ann Patchett’s bookstore!

From there, we had heard that the 12 South Neighborhood was very cute so we had to explore that.

A few highlights: 

  • Becca had shave ice from a food truck and I got Jeni’s ice cream (my favorite!)
  • They had the cutest little Outdoor Voices I’d ever seen. It’s in this cute old house!!!
  • We both fell in love with Emerson Grace – a local shop that stocks designers like Ulla Johnson, Apiece Apart, and Rhode.
  • We loved White’s Mercantile – it’s an institution and neither of us had much room in our suitcase but it would have been the BEST for gifts!

After all the shopping and site-seeing we went back to our hotel. A drink at the rooftop bar, a little nap….

And then we headed to the most delicious dinner at 5th and Taylor. Oh my god it was just SO GOOD. The duck wings! The tomato pie! It was all just SO GOOD. I cannot recommend this spot enough!

This trip was FAR too short so I will just say that I cannot wait to get back to Nashville! We had an amazing time and I was left wanting MORE.

professional photos by Jami-lyn Fehr

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