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I Recycle, Therefore I Consume – Erkan Ala

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Like every successful CEO to-be, I woke up with the buzz of my smartwatch at 4 am. After a couple of cat-cows on my bad to stretch, I rose and walked to the kitchen. Coffee is the main source of my life; it is essential for me to wake up, keep going and end my dinners. The smart espresso machine had been heating up when I went to the kitchen. I grabbed a single-use coffee capsule from the basket, Guatemala single-origin for the mornings, and placed it into the machine. After extracting my double espresso, I took the capsule out and threw it to the recycling. Matt loves PB&J for lunch, so as a good dad, I prepared what he loves — my son stays with me on the odd days of the week. Before I put his lunch in a Ziploc, I took the empty Ziploc out from his bag and threw it into the recycling. While checking the Asian markets on my iPhone, I ate a bar of dark chocolate and sea-salt flavored protein bar, crumpled the package and throw it to the recycling. My weekly suits had just been delivered from dry-cleaning. I pulled my suit out of its “we love our customers” dry cleaning bag, took it to the kitchen, and threw it to the recycling. Time was gym o’clock; having an intense spinning class, I needed to hydrated with coconut water and grabbed a complimentary bathroom kit on my way to the showers. I fine-tuned my body with a single-use toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, and deodorant. On my way out of the locker-room, I tucked everything back in the kit threw it to the recycling. When I arrived at the Starbucks around the corner from my office, my x-large nitro cold brew was ready to give me the boost for the morning — I order it online to save some time- I left the straw back on the counter to save the planet and headed to the office. The coffee was over at the end of my morning meeting with the team; I took the cup and throw it to the recycling. My phone reminded me to eat my almonds at 10 am. Having suggested by my fitness app, I ate twelve non-roasted and not-salted almonds one by one and when there was nothing left in the package, I threw it in the recycling. My co-worker lost a bet against me last Sunday at the Yankees game; she owed me lunch. In our busy schedules, there is no time for a sit-down lunch. That day I had only twenty minutes, she, fifteen; so she ordered sushi for us. We ate our sushi by the vending machines in the break room and brainstormed about the impact of the trade war with China on our portfolios. Since she took all the hustle to order and prepare our lunch, I grabbed the fancy empty sushi boxes and threw them to the recycling. Having a busy day. I couldn’t leave my desk until the markets closed. I wrapped up the day with a couple of emails and headed back home. The doorman in my apartment handed an x-large box from Amazon to me. Firs,t I was surprised, I wasn’t expecting anything from Amazon. Then I remembered the phone cable that I had ordered the day before. It was probably one of those situations when Amazon uses any available box to send even tiny objects to save time and deliver our orders in two days; brilliant service. I punched the box to take the cable out because I didn’t want to carry the airbags and the x-large Amazon box up to my tiny New York apartment. On my way to the elevator, I threw them to the recycling. I was hungry and tired. The new episode of my favorite Netflix show was out. There was no time to cook; so I ordered Ramen, my favorite dish of my favorite cuisine. The delivery guy brought the dish in three plastic boxes. The soup, the noodles and “the everything else”. I pour all three into the bowl I bought on my trip to Tokyo and made myself a Ramen. I put all the boxes back to the bag that he brought the ramen and threw it in the recycling; at least that was what I wanted to do so; however this time, I couldn’t; because it was full. I took the recycling bag out of its bin, carried it to the end of the corridor and flung it down from the trash chute for recycling. Asian markets opened after I had eaten my delicious Ramen and watched the new episode of the show; I made myself another espresso. I took the capsule out of the coffee machine. The recycling bin didn’t have a new bag yet and feeling lazy to replace it; so I walked back to the end of the corridor and throw it to the recycling. And I felt good. Because I did good for the planet.

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I Recycle, Therefore I Consume

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