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This is The Dog Ate My Homework edition of Forgotten New York. I had a page about 80% written about my adventures in Highland Park and Ridgewood Reservoir, but inexplicably, the WordPress autosave feature wasn’t running and so, when I refreshed the site this morning (if you leave a page alone for a few hours, it times out and you have to refresh the page) the complete page was wiped out. Our IT guy thinks he has the problem licked — he looked inside the hood and activated autosave, so it shouldn’t happen again.

Meanwhile, here’s an Olive-style stoplight I found on Crocheron Avenue and 170th Street in Flushing that I found when I first moved there in 1993. No doubt, it once held a two-light Ruleta model stoplight, but had since been outfitted with a Marbleite three-lighter long before I found it.

Shortly after I found it, the Department of Transportation wiped it out when it installed a long guy-wired boulevard-style 3-light stoplight on two of the corners.

Always bring a camera, and always have a text backup.

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