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The End of the Glory Years – Emily Governale


And the beginnings of the franchise (The Mets) that came out of it.

Quote by Tom Seaver (1967–1977, 1983)

Now that that’s done, we can get down to business. I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth I am showing you pictures that deal with the Dodgers and the Giants when this is a piece about the history of the Mets. And, to boot, these teams aren’t even on the east coast. ⁠

Well, once upon a time, they were. The Dodgers played in Brooklyn (1884–1957) while the Giants resided in Manhattan (they played at the Polo Grounds). That’s right. Before California beckoned (LA and San Francisco respectively) they were NY teams; along with the Yankees.

To understand the Mets present day, we must first go back in time to 1957, when these two storied franchises decided to (they were given more lucrative deals in California) leave NY. ⁠

“Say Hey” Willie Mays and Bill Terry

When they left, not only did they leave behind some angry fans (who didn’t have a team anymore), they left the Yankees as the only baseball team in NY.

That is, until 1962, when a new team was formed. They were named the Metropolitans (Mets) and would play their home games that season at the Polo Grounds while Shea Stadium- now Citi Field- was being built in Queens (next door to Arthur Ashe Stadium where tennis holds the US Open). ⁠

As a way to honor the two teams that had left, they decided to take one color from each- blue from the Dodgers and orange from the Giants. P.S.- the logo on the caps of Willie Mays (left in photo) and Bill Terry (right in picture) should look familiar. The Mets took it as their own. ⁠

Now, I have to explain how Bill Terry Made his way into this piece. Because, let’s face it, while Willie Mays is a well known player, you have to know a little bit more about baseball to know Bill Terry.

Anyways, in my watching of Met games (which I do pretty much all the time) Keith Hernandez (one of our announcers and former first baseman) will sometimes reminisce about growing up in San Francisco and watching Bill Terry play for the Giants.

That’s all for now. Be sure to stay tuned for more Mets history.

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