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Kopari Charcoal Deodorant Review!


I know some of you were having natural deodorant fatigue and I’m sorry, but it has been a long time since I’ve talked about it, and I just tried a new(ish) one that I really love. I’m very passionate about natural deodorant. I say that semi joking, but it can be SO hard to find a good one! I’ve talked about this at length here before but traditional deodorants have a lot of bad stuff in them so I will only use natural deodorant. Over the years I’ve tried so many and they realllllly range in effectiveness. There are a lot of good ones, but there are also a lot of bad ones. I have personally found that charcoal deodorants are really, really effective. I have talked about that at length in this post. What makes charcoal so effective is that it’s highly porous so it absorbs bacteria and toxins (it’s said to absorb 100-200x) its weight in impurities.

I’ve been a big fan of the original Kopari deodorant (especially for summer as the formula is so sheer and lightweight but is a deodorant that actually works), and was naturally very excited to try out the new charcoal formula. Spoiler alert: I ended up liking it even more than the original! (You can read my review of the original here, if you’d like.)

Kopari Charcoal Deodorant Review

The Ingredients

First of all, I like that this is a clean formula. It passes Sephora’s clean standards. And while I’m 80/20 in my beauty routine there are certain products where I won’t deviate. (Mostly deodorant and sunscreen). This is an aluminum and baking soda free deodorant. I will not use aluminum as there’s a lot of scary research linking it to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. I don’t care if it’s completely proven or the FDA still allows it, I’m not going to chance it! Baking soda  I am personally fine with, but I know it causes irritation for a lot of people.

Coconut oil is in all of Kopari’s products, and it’s great because it nourishes and hydrates sensitive skin. And of course the charcoal, which absorbs impurities making the deodorant extra effective. Lastly, it contains a plant based active formula which provide odor protection while warding off the bacteria which causes odor.

What are the benefits of charcoal for skin?

Charcoal is great for your skin as it’s so porous and absorbs impurities. It acts like a magnet to draw out toxins. (I also love a good charcoal bath soak!)

The Texture

The texture of this deodorant (and the original) is one of my favorite things. It glides on smooth and is very sheer; but it’s still highly effective.

Does it Work?

YES. 100%. This is Tracy Anderson workout approved (you’ve seen the photos; I sweat like a maniac and still smell fresh afterward), and it really works with your body for odor protection. This is my current favorite deodorant. I like it more than the Schmidt’s charcoal deodorant. Both are really effective, but this one is more sheer whereas the Schmidt’s one is a little creamier. Not a big deal but every now and then the Schmidt’s one would get a little bit goopy if I wasn’t careful.

I will say that I do tend to rotate my deodorants (is that weird? It’s really just based on my mood/the fragrance!) and also really like the Vapour one (though it’s so expensive) and Agent Nateur (also expensive), and of course good old  Schmidt’s which is only $5 at Target.

photography by Carter Fish.

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