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“My parents didn’t know any better.  They just bought the food…


“My parents didn’t know any better.  They just bought the food that they saw in the market: the cereals, the cookies, the canned foods.  And I didn’t know any better either.  I was just a kid.  I ate the food that I saw in my house.  There were words on the label that I didn’t understand: added this, added that, chemicals to make it last longer, chemicals to make it cheaper, chemicals to make it thicker, chemicals to hold everything together.  But I didn’t question any of it.  Because they used kids in the advertisements.  I always saw other kids eating the food and promoting it.  The government wasn’t helping.  With their pyramids and their charts that everyone follows.  It all seemed OK.  But it was all junk and sugar.  Now my mom and dad and brother have diabetes.  I have fibroids and stuff like that.  Recently they took out my thyroid because it was showing signs of cancer.  I’m starting to think that it’s all linked.  They sell us poison so they can sell us pills.  I’m trying to eat better now.  I’m trying to learn.  But the more I learn, the less I know where to go.  I know that everything in the aisles is killer.  But even the fruits and vegetables have chemicals.  If I wanted to be completely sure, I’d have to have my own farm.  It’s just not possible.”
(Montreal, Canada)

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