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Thief Takes Backpack Containing $40,000 Cash from Car Parked on Joralemon


The Eagle’s Noah Goldberg reports that, on July 11, a man (surveillance photos above released by NYPD) pulled off a brazen daylight smash-and-grab, breaking a Jeep’s window and stealing a backpack containing $40,000 in cash, then ran down Joralemon. No arrest has yet been made, and no identification is given of the owner of the Jeep.

If you’re like me, you’re probably scratching your head, thinking (1) why would someone put $40K in cash in a backpack and (2) leave said backpack unattended in a car, even if locked? The Eagle story says, “It was not immediately apparent whether the man knew the bag had $40,000 in it.” Still, why would someone use a wrench to smash a Jeep’s window in broad daylight on a street with lots of pedestrian and vehicular traffic just to get the unknown contents of a backpack?

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