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Everybody wants to feel the breeze in this rooftop bar in Croatia


A little breeze goes a long way, and at Eol rooftop bar, pairs really well with chic cocktails and an amazing setting. Amidst the scorching heat of Croatia’s summer, what more could one wish for?

Eol bar in the Croatian town of Omiš

EOL bar’s spacious terrace boasts 360-degree panoramas of Omiš. Photo by: Damira Kalajžić

In the town centre of the petite Omiš on the Croatian coast, on top of an otherwise nondescript building, Eol bar embodies all the reasons we love rooftop bars for.

To say that the views from here are dramatic would be an understatement: backed by massive, almost vertical, craggy limestone cliffs, overlooking the cool, emerald waters of the river Cetina, on a level with the town’s rooftops and facing the mysterious fortress Mirabela, each view from Eol’s terrace is mind-blowing. Completely open, the space feels like a playground for the god of winds, Aeolus (Eol in Croatian). “Naming the bar after the Greek god of winds, Aeolus (Eol), seemed like a natural choice, as we are at his full mercy, with an open, roofless terrace space,” they told us at Eol rooftop bar. “And everybody loves a good breeze in the summer.”

The Eol bar is named after the god Aeolus

Professional bartenders at EOL rooftop bar offer drinks and entertainment. Photo by: Damira Kalajžić

Apparently, nothing warrants the mercy of gods better than some stylish cocktails, which are a highlight here. Prepared by professional bartenders who also do a bit of show mixing, the drinks are served from one of the two bars on the 300 sq metres of the terrace. The natural-stained wood, discreet colour palette, and clean design lines definitely turn the spotlight over to the stunning natural surroundings.

“We wanted to create a space where guests get to enjoy cocktails, music and natural beauty all at once. This year, we have live performances in the evenings, featuring top regional bands and DJs, but during the daytime, we’re a lounge and a bar, where people can relax surrounded by stunning nature of Omiš,” Fran Mišetić of EOL rooftop bar explained for the Lonely Planet Travel news.

Eol is located in the little town of Omiš on the Croatian coast

Coffee with a view at Eol rooftop bar. Photo by: Damira Kalajžić

By the mouth of Cetina River, Omiš is well-known with adventurous travellers to Croatia, as its region abounds in adrenaline-ridden activities, such as rock-climbing, river rafting, zip-lining and such.

Can you imagine a better place to unwind from all the adventures than Eol rooftop bar?

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