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NYC Man Documents On Video His Trip As Sole Passenger On SkyWest/Delta Flight – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Imagine being the only passenger on a commercial jet.

Well, it happened to a Brooklyn man, and he documented the once-in-a-lifetime journey on camera. That video has since gone viral, amassing more than 1 million views, CBS2’s Tara Jakeway reported Tuesday.

“We are about to board the flight to Salt Lake City from Gate 5. Will the only passenger on this flight kindly board at this time,” came the announcement at the gate.

That was the moment Vincent Peone realized he was the sole passenger on the SkyWest/Delta flight. The 35-year-old Williamsburg resident runs his own production company and knew he had to document this journey.

“When I stepped on, it was just this wash of empty seats, which is a site you don’t see very often,” Peone said.

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With camera phone rolling, he recorded the crew loading sandbags on board to actually add weight to the empty plane needed to help it balance and fly.

Peone asked Delta employees why they would fly a plane with just one passenger. He was told the equipment was needed at the next airport for the next flight. The crew went through standard pre-flight safety procedures with some modifications.

“You never get allowed into the cockpit, right? But I guess when it’s just one guy they let me in and I got to shake the pilots’ hands,” Peone said.

Peone welcomed the royal treatment because it had been a rough couple of days for him.

“I was actually headed to New York to see my grandpa in the hospital, true story,” Peone said.

And his first flight had been cancelled, so he took full advantage of the complimentary refreshments.

“It was whatever I wanted. I mean, she poured me a drink immediately and then another drink immediately after that,” Peone said.

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When asked what they would do if they hit the same flight jackpot, most New Yorkers said they would employ a similar strategy.

“I would eat as much of the food and probably just have a party and drink the wine,” said Jenene Cronning of the Upper West Side.

“I would find the nicest seat and enjoy myself,” added Beatrice Francais of Columbus Circle.

But some would hesitate to board an empty plane.

“I don’t enjoy flying and I probably would be more nervous on that plane alone,” John Baiocco said.

Peone said he couldn’t resist posing for a money shot holding a drink on the plane stairs when he landed and there was a happy ending to this cross-country story. Peone got to New York just in time to find out his grandfather is going to be just fine.

While Delta would not respond to questions from CBS2, it tweeted a thank you to Peone for sharing his awesome trip.

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