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Popular Peruvian Restaurant Reopens After Being Shut Down by Health Dept.


Riko Peruvian Cuisine

Aug. 16, 2019 By Shane O’Brien

A popular Peruvian restaurant in Sunnyside was shut down by the Department of Health for nearly a week after flies and mice droppings were observed by an inspector in the kitchen and eating areas.

Riko Peruvian Cuisine, located at 45-23 Greenpoint Ave., was closed by the Health Department on Thursday, Aug. 8 after it amassed 89 violation points during a routine inspection.

The restaurant reopened on Wednesday, Aug. 14 after it was reinspected.

The Aug. 8 inspection found three critical violations, including food being stored at an incorrect temperature. In this case, chicken, beef, cheese and eggs were held above the 41 degree threshold.

Other critical violations included the restaurant not having a thermometer to check the temperature of food, and flies and mice droppings being present.

The Health Department gives out violation points based on the size and scale of each violation. Letter grades are then assigned to restaurants based on how many points it has received.

Any restaurant that receives between zero and 13 points receives an A grade, any receiving between 14 and 27 points gets a B grade, and any with 28 or more points gets a C grade.

The Department of Health orders a closure of a restaurant when there is a public health hazard that cannot be rectified at the time of inspection.

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