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Survey Of New Yorkers Suggests Donald Trump Is Same Obnoxious Buffoon He Was When Living In City


Asked about Trump family members, survey respondents also said Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka “are even more insufferable now”

“Once a schmuck, always a schmuck,” according to New Yorkers who’ve run into the schmuck over the years. (Credit: people.com)

For years before he became president, Donald Trump was more of a local joke in the Big Apple than respected citizen — just another entitled, rich jerk stinking up the city, the original Dork Of New York.

In a Pew Research survey conducted in early August, New Yorkers said that Trump “is still the same obnoxious buffoon he was when living in the city.”

They added that his children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka “are even more insufferable now than they were before the presidency,” and that the three eldest children have to walk around with protection because they’re so hated in Manhattan.

New Yorkers have many reasons to dislike Donald Trump and it’s no accident that not one single registered voter in the entire city voted for him in 2016. “If only the nation had asked us before it walked into the voting booth during the last presidential election,” said Emily Lucker, a 48-year-old native of the city, “America might still have a future to look forward to.”

Here are the 11 reasons New Yorkers surveyed identified as making Trump so completely intolerable and despised, even three years after he moved to Washington:

“Go ahead, try to zigzag past his super dome on a rainy day. Not happening.”

“He always carried the biggest fucking umbrella. There’s a sudden downpour, you don’t have your umbrella, you’re dashing down the sidewalk trying to get to some cover at the next awning, and there’s big ass Donald Trump blocking the way with an umbrella the size of a circus tent. You couldn’t go under, you couldn’t go around, you couldn’t zigzag, you just had to shuffle behind him, getting totally soaked as he strolled along nice and dry under his monogrammed golf umbrella with the 8-ft. wing span.” — Charles Draker, Stock Broker

“He jaywalked constantly. The Donald believed he was above any pedestrian laws. So there was no need to walk to the corner — instead, he crossed in the middle of the block, because he wanted to stop traffic, he wanted people to see him. His recklessness causes a couple near-fatal automobile accidents when he lived here. And he’s fat, too, so he was an actual road hazard.” — Donna Ersten, Uber Driver

“You just don’t cut at Zabars…and Donald knew that.”

“He cut in front of people at Zabar’s. I’d be at the Upper West Side gourmet shop on Sundays and Trump would walk in. Zabar’s is famous for its courtesy rules, like you NEVER cut the line on Sunday morning when people are getting their bagels and smoked fish. But Donnie didn’t give a shit, he always did it, with a real ‘in your face’ attitude, because he thought he was better than everyone else. He has the manners of a snake.” — Mike Sousa, Software Engineer

“He checked his phone and tweeted non-stop in dark movie theaters. A lot of people think his phone obsession began when he became president. No way, and New Yorkers knew it. He was distracting moviegoers for years with that Twitter bullshit. In fact, it was basically understood in NYC that if you entered a movie theater and saw the Tangerine Tornado walk in or sit anywhere near you, you just headed straight back to the ticket counter, asked for a refund, and left.” — Lucy Devaux, Advertising Creative Director

“That place is not a New York apartment…it’s a bordello.”

“He was always ready to tell you how big his apartment was compared to yours. What a jackass, that would really piss me off. Everytime we’d play golf together, he’s spend ten holes bragging about the size and ‘fantastic-ness’ of his apartment — the sunlight he got, the terrace he had, the 360º exposures, the 24-hour doorman, a washer/dryer in every room, a gym in every room, super close to all subways, lots of restaurants in the neighborhood, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, Fuck him.” — Golf Buddy of Donald Trump’s who asked to remain anonymous

“He would dominate the Starbucks condiment counter like you’ve got all day. How much damn sugar can one person put in his coffee? He tried a little half and half, he dicked around with the whole milk, back to the sugar, tasted, then repeated. I had been petitioning Starbucks for a Donnie ban for years — by the time he left for Washington, I’d switched to Colombe.” — Janet Gelano, Fashion Executive

“Look, let me make this clear — no metal utensil should ever touch a New York slice.”

“He ate pizza with a knife and fork. This is New York. When you get a slice, you pick it up, you slide it into your mouth, you let the cheese drip off your chin, you wipe, you bite and drip again. Not negotiable. But Donald used utensils. Utensils for pizza. I swear, I saw it with my own eyes. That would make him a weasel in almost any city in the America — here in New York, it made him King of the Vulgarians.” — Jack Grimes, Union Electrician

“His limo douchebaggery was legendary. And look at the size of that thing blocking 50 feet of bike lane!”

“He double parked his limo. Imagine this, okay. I’m riding my Citi Bike in the painted, protected bike lane, minding my own business, and suddenly, there it is, The Donald’s limousine blocking the bike lane. Fucking happened to me more than once, maybe eight times. He was completely oblivious to anyone and anything but his own convenience.” — Bill Lester, Transportation Alternatives Executive

“He brought thousands of loose pennies to the bank. Your plan was to rush in, make a deposit, and rush out. Then you saw old Donald Trump in there at the teller window with the plastic bags full of pennies and you knew it was going to be like a 45-minute wait. Always with the pennies this guy. Ridiculous.” — Jason Demel, Midtown Deli Owner

“He upstreamed me for a cab once, no compunctions. I don’t know where his limo was that day, but one afternoon Trump pulled off one of the most obnoxious offenses of New York life — upstreaming someone for a taxi. Ask anyone in the city and they’ll tell you that it’s the worst. You’re waiting with your arm in the air, ready to flag a yellow cab, when Donald suddenly sprints past you moving upstream to grab a cab before you do. No one does that, it’s grounds for city expulsion, utterly mind-boggling.” — Carol Landow, Financial Analyst

Trump — definitely a name you can trust to piss you off in New York City.” (Credit: www.datalounge.com)

“He obsessively stuck his stupid name on everything. Trump Tower, Trump International Hotel, Trump Empire State Building, Trump George Washington Bridge, Trump McDonald’s Time Square, Trump Multiplex Theater, Trump University(ish), Trump Central Park Carousel, Trump 79th St. Boat Basin, Trump Kimchi Heaven, Trump $20 Massage, Trump Greenland, Trump this, Trump that. Who’s ego is so big that he has to see his name in gold leaf every time he turns a corner? Don’t answer that” — John Thompson, Real Estate Broker


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