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From Belgrade to Buenos Aires, these are the world’s best party cities


Belgrade’s reputation as the world’s hottest party spot is still going strong, according to new research.

Saturday night at “Freestyler” a floating river club on the river bank of the Sava in Belgrade. Image by Marco Bulgarelli/Gamma-Rapho/Getty

The gritty Serbian capital offers a varied and buzzing nightlife every night of the week, with festivities often running until dawn. Across the city’s clubs, cocktail bars, underground taverns and barges, you’ll hear an eclectic mix of music from techno to turbo-folk and jazz to R’n’B. It’s also relatively cheap for a pint (roughly £1.36/$1.65) and accommodation (around £26/$31 for two nights) compared to most capital cities. Back in 2009, we named Belgrade as the world’s ultimate party city and ten years later its reputation hasn’t waned one bit. It was just named the world’s best party city in a study from British-based website Slotsia, which analysed 36 cities across eight categories including the number of bars and clubs it has and crime rates, as well as the average price of a pint, two-nights accommodation, a taxi and fast food meal.

Singapore scored high for safety, as well as for the number of clubs and bars available in the city. Image by Shutterstock

Belgrade scored relatively highly across all categories, although London was named as the city with the most bars and clubs. Coming up behind Belgrade were Mexico’s Playa del Carmen and Singapore to round out the top three. While the average price of a pint in Singapore is relatively expensive at £5.24 ($6.33), it scored highly in the safety category and for boasting around 155 clubs and bars. Reasonably-priced accommodation (£31/$38 for two nights) and the average price of a pint (£1.15/$1.39) helped Playa del Carmen rank highly.

Mexico’s Playa del Carmen is renowned for its nightlife scene. Image by Getty

Another European city to make the list was St Petersburg in fourth place. The Russian city is renowned for rich cultural experiences that trickle into after-dark adventures, with a near-constant street party atmosphere at the weekends. Decent accommodation comes cheap here too and there are around 195 bars and clubs to keep even the fussiest reveller entertained. It’s a similar story in Cabo San Lucas, which completed the top five. The Mexican resort scored highly for the average cost of a pint, which at 96p ($1.16) is well within reach of even the most conservative budget.

Other cities to make the top 10 were Tokyo, Japan (sixth); Seoul, South Korea (seventh);  Istanbul, Turkey (eighth); Bangkok, Thailand (ninth) and Buenos Aires, Argentina (tenth).

Unsurprisingly Las Vegas was the top rated US city in 20th, followed by New York (22nd), New Orleans (27th), Los Angeles (30th), Chicago (32nd) and Miami (34th).

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