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Jell & Chill coming soon to 7th Street


Coming soon signage is up in the storefront at 110 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue for Jell & Chill…

The shop‘s Instagram account notes that they will be selling “Traditional Handcrafted Bīng Fěn Ice Jelly,” a Sichuanese cold dessert jelly.

Here’s one description of it:

Bing Fen is the iconic Chengdu summer snack. A sort of jello made (originally) from Konjac, it is refreshing, cool, sweet and fruity. The clear jello is mixed with ice, molasses, and a variety of toppings. These can include dried fruits, diced watermelon, mung beans, fermented rice porridge, mini sticky rice balls, and rose jam. It is a great example of the term ‘Shuang 爽’ which means cool, refreshing, and revitalizing.

Fresh mango 🥭 icy jelly with sticky purple rice #jellandchill #freshmango #icyjelly #summerdessert

A post shared by Jell n Chill (@jellandchill) on Aug 26, 2019 at 5:12pm PDT

This Seventh Street storefront was previously Atino Eyewear Optical, which closed last November after eight months. The owner said that his business dropped by 60 percent after last summer, giving him no choice but to close.

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