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A {Mostly} Clean Makeup Routine!


One of the things that I’ve been really working on doing is integrating more clean makeup into my routine. In all honestly, skincare is pretty easy but makeup has been harder! The biggest gripe I have is that a lot of clean brands just lack the staying power that their “dirtier” counterparts have… the pigments slide off my face within a couple hours (and I have dry skin so that’s usually a non-issue for me!!!)

But anyway, today I am sharing a routine of products that I really love – and they are all clean! (the exception is blush and brow pencil… I’m still using NARS Orgasm and the Tom Ford pencil. If you have any suggestions for something similar to that but clean, let me know in the comments! Funny that those two things are my only hold outs – it really feels like there should be something out there that I’d like just as much). I will note that I do still cheat on this routine as I test new things; but this lineup is my core makeup routine for everyday right now. I really, really love everything featured!

Also: Last night, I posted an Instagram TV video with how to use these products to create my everyday makeup look. I hope it’s helpful!

Face // my friend Sarah turned me onto the Kosas tinted face oil (I have both 03 and 04 depending on if I have a little tan) and I am obsessed. She is more into makeup and calls it her “vacation foundation” but for me it’s my everyday go-to. It’s amazing for everyday when you just want a little coverage and glow. For more coverage (mostly if I have a shoot or an event, I generally try to avoid foundation for everyday!) I love Ilia’s True Skin Serum Foundation in “Tavarua.” For concealer, I ADORE Ilia’s True Skin Serum Concealer in “Chicory.” (it’s really creamy like the NARS creamy concealer which is my old holy grail). And then as bronzer, I love W3LL People’s bronzer (this one is really good and I am convinced that the compact actually lasts forever).

Glow // I have two favorite highlighters! I like to use both a cream and a powder. The Ilia Liquid Light highlighter in “Nova” is really really pretty. I blend it in with a BeautyBlender. And then there is the Lawless highlighting powder which I could not be more obsessed with. It’s super pigmented and actually better than pretty much any other highlighter I’ve tried.

Eyes // I’m 100% Ilia here (fyi, Ilia is not a sponsor hahaha – they just have amazing products that work really really well and don’t slide off). I can’t say enough good things about the Ilia eyeliner. When I met with Tara Foley from Follain a while back, she introduced me to it (I told her I’d never find anything I liked better than the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner) and I never looked back. I’ve since tossed all my other liners… I have this in both the smokey grey and the brown. They make a liquid liner too which is not for me but I just can’t do liquid liner! I also love Ilia’s eyeshadow palette. (I prefer the warm one). This one is so so pretty – I apply with a wet brush for more pigment! And lastly is the Ilia mascara. I love this mascara so much. It has a comb applicator so you get every single lash… and it leaves them longer and thicker and a little bit glossy (kind of like Glossier Lash Slick but more dramatic!)

Brows // I am still on the hunt for a good clean brow pencil (let me know if you have a fav – I like a fine tip pencil like the Tom Ford one), but I keep my brows tamed with this Ilia brow gel!

Lipstick // Kosas Lipsticks are my new favorite. They only have a few colors, but I really like them all! Really creamy, pretty (natural looking) colors… just great. For something more fancy I love Bite’s lip stain in “Orange Fizz” – it’s the perfect red-orange!

photography by Carter Fish.

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