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Citi Bike is offering free bikes this Saturday, Sept 21


New Yorkers love complaining about the subway. So, not surprisingly, many have considered the sweet life of biking instead with Citi Bikes. If this is you, or if you’ve just always been tempted to see NYC from the bike lane, here’s your chance. This Saturday, September 21, Citi Bike is offering a free Citi Bike Day Pass to celebrate the last weekend of summer.

With the Citi Bike day pass, you can access 24 hours of unlimited 30-minute rides. All you need to do is download the official app and tap ‘Choose A Pass.’ Then select the ‘Healthfirst Free Ride Day’ pass option.

But first: Safety! While enjoying your free ride all over the city, don’t get too distracted by the pretty New York views and hit a pedestrian or something. (That would be very bad.) Also keep a keen eye out for taxi or Uber doors flying open into the bike lane and getting seriously “doored”—that would not be fun either.

As you get the hang of taking your two-wheeler for a spin through the city, you can show off your biking chops all autumn long (without any of the summertime sweating) as you explore the best things to do this fall.

Happy riding!

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