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The 2019 Village Halloween Parade official theme has been announced


Fall is upon us which means it will soon be seasonally appropriate to masquerade in the streets as ghosts and goblins.

One of the best Halloween events to do in NYC, the beloved Village Halloween Parade, is back for its 46th year and just revealed this year’s theme: “Wild Things!”

Thousands of folks dressed in fabulous costumes will march on October 31, 2019 up Sixth Avenue in the name of Halloween spirit. If you’re down to participate, grab your best costume and line up starting at 6:30pm on 6th Avenue at Canal St. When we think of “Wild Things!” we think of the good ol’ wilderness and animal get-ups, but you can interpret the theme however you want to express yourself.

The parade gets started at 7pm and runs until 10:30pm from Spring St to 16th St. If you hate the idea of waiting in line, you can opt for their VIP ticket options and pay (starting at $25) to gain entrance to the Wild Thing! Section. But keep in mind you won’t get in without a costume—a little glitter and blood probably won’t cut it!

While you’re surely too old for trick-or-treating, this Halloween tradition is still one to look forward to. As you wait for the spooky day to arrive, fill your schedule with the best things to do this fall for a jam-packed October.

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