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NYC could feel hotter than 90 degrees on Wednesday with potential record-setting heat


It’s officially second summer in New York.

Following hot on the heels of false fall, second summer is that delightful time in the city after one week of cool weather has convinced people to break out their fall wardrobe before the mercury then abruptly returns to height-of-summer levels, leaving everyone to sweat through their tweed. Not sure about you, but it gets me every time.

It must be said, however, that this year’s second summer is even more second summery than usual. Don’t believe me? Then you definitely didn’t spend a single second on a subway platform this weekend. You also probably have not looked at the forecast for the week ahead which, uh, isn’t exactly giving off apple picking vibes, to say the least.

The National Weather Service is currently predicting that “Wednesday will likely see record setting temperatures across most of the region as temperatures rise well above normal.” How high are we talking? Central Park could feel hotter than 90 degrees mid-week as a result of some warm air that will be moving into the area beginning on Wednesday. Humidity levels are also expected to be high on Wednesday as well, which should really cement this Endless Summer thing we’re going for here.

In any event, you might as well take advantage of this official postponement of Spooky Witch Autumn and live it up like it’s still summer in the city. Check out our handy guide to all the warm weather fun you can have in NYC well into October. Plenty of hotel pools, outdoor food festivals, beer gardens and more are still open!

And though it may not feel like it now, true fall is fast approaching. Temperatures are finally expected to drop across the five boroughs beginning Thursday.

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