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Chinese Restaurant ‘Hana Noodle Station’ Coming to Long Island City


Now open

Omne trium perfectum

A new Chinese restaurant called “Hana Noodle Station” is coming to 10-39 47th Road in Long Island City according to The Court Square Blog. It will be located in the former home of Korean eatery Green Street, which closed last year. Hana Noodle has been operating a stall for the past two years or so out of the DeKalb Market Place in Brooklyn. Eater’s Robert Sietsema had very positive things to say about it’s signature Lanzhou Beef Noodle Soup and Google reviews were mainly favorable. This will be the third Chinese restaurant to open in Hunters Point since the summer, after a lengthy drought of there being zero. Don’t let anyone tell you that bad news come in three’s.

//ARMED robbery, hijacking, lockdowns, Center B has been a swirl of criminal activity in the past 24 hours according to social media and all in the past 24 hours. First came a report on Citizen App about an armed robbery with guns ablazing at 4545 Center Blvd, and the masked perpetrators fleeing down 5th Street leading to a lockdown at NY Kids Club for the morning pickup. Yikes!

Then the www. was crackling with a story of an attempted hijacking/pickup of a 10-yr old boy near the new library apparently yesterday, and the suspect was under the influence and needed to be tasered by police. Ouch!

As for me, I’m just reporting it as conveyed. Weird!

A Chinese Restaurant Is Coming to 10-39 47th Rdwe love you yeah, yeah, yeah

‘Eater’ Gives Thumbs Up to Hana Noodle Stationgo, go, go

2019 LIC Community Carnival free games and activities for the whole family, this Saturday from 11am to 4pm at the Oval in HPSP brought to you by the New City Church

‘Queens Beer Festival’ Returns to LICthis weekend

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