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Setting The Scene – Brit Dating in New York


I enjoy writing. I find it somewhat cathartic. I have had my moments- I have written anonymous blogs before, content for articles and random online postings. I once created a whole Instagram, Twitter and blog page to flaunt said passion. And yet all of these endeavours needed to be anonymous for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they didn’t? Perhaps I was scared about baring all! The postings did centre mostly on my love life- my flings, indiscretions, office romances and sexscapades (great word)- and whilst no one was ever named- it perhaps wasn’t wise for me to fully flaunt said dalliances to the world. However, I’m throwing caution to the wind once again and putting myself out there. My best friends are on board- with one proclaiming he wants to be referenced to as H&H- you will learn more about him in due course.

So- what has brought us here? Why now? What can you expect? All very valid questions. The answer- a combination of things. My friends’ need to live their lives vicariously through me- many of them are in loving and happy relationships. I love and enjoy the freedom associated with writing and saying it as it is- being proud of who I am and documenting it- and let’s face it- I think I have a somewhat fun and compelling story to tell (well- it sounds fun to me). And hell- there’s no time like the present. You can expect me to document the trials and tribulations associated with living life in the fast lane in New York City- the fun, laughter, sex, love, passion and friendship. And lest we not forget that ultimately- writing is cheaper than therapy.

Let’s start with who I am. Everyone has a moral compass and sometimes I fear mine isn’t always due North. I know the difference between right and wrong- but when it comes to love or lust (I get these 2 confused often) I don’t perhaps always make the best choices. This year has been a somewhat tumultuous year. Like many people- I have a list. It’s a list of conquests (although that sounds a little crude). Said list was growing at an exponential rate towards the beginning of the year- I put this down to my having returned from self-imposed rehab aka working in India for almost 18 months. From the 25 year old lawyers (plural), to the 40-something doctor who I picked up in a bar in Brooklyn (WITW and I aren’t sure of his age, but assume he’s late 40s/early 50s- as when I asked him for his number he proceeded to grab the standard hotel pencil and paper from the bedside table to write down his number). Other highlights include Baller, a dalliance with an associate of my best friend- Unstylish, and a personal favourite of mine- revisiting the passions from a previous drunken December with a young, kind hearted, fun loving kiwi who we will call The Marine- he really is quite something and definitely has a piece of my heart– we will come back to him at some point I’m sure.

But what now? Or should we say who? I started with a statement surrounding my moral compass- and I guess this is what I’m questioning right now. I’m seeing someone I shouldn’t be seeing. Let me start at the very beginning. It was a hot summers day earlier this year, and there was something in the air- a Friday afternoon, my co-workers birthday, labor day weekend was approaching, we had finished work early, prosecco was flowing and we were embracing everything that New York City had to give- I tell you- New York City in summer is quite something. We were in a bar just off Union Square. I spotted him as he came in. He wasn’t introduced- but he was with the group- a friend of a friend. There was something intriguing about him- he’s definitely not my usual ‘type’- but he was intriguing all the same. Something in his demeanour, confidence, and how he holds himself. He’s intelligent, articulate, has the most bewitching eyes and an arresting smile. By the end of the evening I was hooked. We talked about what brought us both to New York City, our passions, London. It was easy. There was just one caveat. He’s engaged. Did this make him more enticing? Is it the challenge, the chase (Bournemouth Babe tells me it’s likely this- as we all know I do love to win)? There was sexual innuendo aplenty. My barriers were down, no one to impress- he’s taken- I was being me- and he was lapping it up. He asked for my number. I gladly gave it- I stated that we could be close friends, where we flirt and sexual tension is asunder, but ultimately nothing happens between us- and he hooks me up with his hot single friends whilst secretly lusting and pining after me. I told him he wanted to kiss me. We didn’t. He left. He messaged. Apparently I’m ‘too much’. Make of that what you will. That was the start.

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