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Preliminary thoughts and concerns about the new Tompkins Square Park playground

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Back on Friday, workers removed the construction fences around the newly renovated Avenue B playgrounds in the southeast section of Tompkins Square Park, marking the end of the 12-month project.

In comments gleaned from EVG, social media and various conversations, residents were obviously happy to have the entrances back open on Seventh Street and Avenue B and Eighth Street and Avenue B.

There were also positive comments about the new (already tagged) state-of-the-art playground equipment, which is also accessible for kids with special needs. (We’ll have more on that particular aspect in an upcoming post.)

There were also some questions and concerns. One resident wondered why the Parks Department didn’t take the time to repave the walkways during the renovations … with the resident calling attention to the rough patches that make it especially difficult for people with mobility issues to navigate…

The same resident wondered why the Parks Department only replaced some of the benches in the renovation zone…

Another resident shared these photos with a short comment: “Finally we have two new great playgrounds. As a new mom, I went to check them out [yesterday] morning only to find a stash of dirty needles and a bloody rag directly next to the playground. Sad. Let’s hope the Parks Dept. is more cautious with cleanup in this new area.”

While not directly related to the new playgrounds, another resident pointed out that the encampments that have popped up in the Park’s main lawn have now spread to the area along Avenue B between Eighth Street and Ninth Street…

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