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Ice Cream Trucks a Problem?


Mary Frost, in the Eagle, has a story about DUMBO residents who “have had it with the noisy, fume-spewing ice cream trucks clogging their streets and sidewalks.” However, if you follow the link and read to the end of Mary’s story, you’ll find some reports of Brooklyn Heights residents complaining about noise and fumes from trucks parked on Cadman Plaza West, and on Middagh and Hicks streets. Mary notes that BHB reader and commenter Roberto Gautier

has been sounding the alarm about the pollution being spread by the diesel truck on Cadman and others parked nearby for years. Gautier points out that parts of London have banned the diesel trucks, and hopes he can push the city to do likewise here.

Meanwhile, he is arranging a study to measure the pollution levels from the truck on Cadman and one that parks near P.S. 8 on Hicks Street.

Back in May of 2012 there were complaints on Open Thread Wednesday about fumes and noise from a truck regularly parked next to the Pierrepont Playground, at the conjunction of Pierrepont Street, Pierrepont Place, and Columbia Heights. The truck is still regularly there – your correspondent lives at Montague Street and Pierrepont Place, and can see it from a window – but the problems seem to have been alleviated.

Image: clipartion.com.

What say you, readers? Any specific, or general, complaints?

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