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HuPo, A Szechuan Restaurant in Long Island City, Has Opened


In the back room

In the back room (in the back room)
In the back room (in the back room)
I waited for you (waited for you)
Ya waited for me (waited for me)

Hupo, aka Hu Po, has opened at 10-07 5oth Avenue in Long Island City per The Court Square Blog. The Szechuan Restaurant had a soft opening last week and is only doing take-out and in-house dining, no delivery for the time being.

I popped over on Saturday and while they’re still working out the kinks – minor items like the payment and ordering systems – it’s a pretty room and the kitchen is firing on all cylinders. Fiery too. But don’t expect to find the ever-elusive egg roll when you go there, that might require time-travel back to the 20th century here in NYC.

Hupo Opens at 10-07 50th Avenue

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