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Alleged Robber Who Suffered Cardiac Episode While Fleeing Arrested Again – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An alleged robber who suffered a cardiac episode while fleeing and was revived by a police sergeant is back in custody.

In September, police were called to a CVS on the Upper East Side for a report that a man had stuffed a suitcase with merchandise and threatened employees as he ran out the door.

An employee pointed officers in the direction the man had fled, and officers eventually came upon a man fitting the description of the suspect lying unconscious on the ground.

“He was absolutely dead when I arrived,” Sgt. James Gebhard told CBS2 earlier in October.

Gebhard started to perform CPR and got a defibrillator. He was able to revive the suspect, who was taken to the hospital and later arrested in connection to the robbery. Gebhard said he saw the man a few days later when he came in for fingerprinting.

“He shook my hand and thanked me,” Gebhard said. “He’s like, thanks for saving my life.”

The near-death experience apparently didn’t convince the man to make any changes to his lifestyle, however.

The NYPD 19th Precinct tweeted Tuesday that the same man had been arrested again in connection to another robbery.

The man allegedly assaulted a Duane Reade employee while stealing five cases of beer.

“So much for second chances,” the NYPD said.

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