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The Grave Dancer of LIC & Rincon Melania


One billion please

THE vaunted Financial Times profiled Long Island City resident and unicorn founder Amol Sarva last week, checking in to see how he was doing post WeWork debacle. “Quite well tyvm, we’re nothing like WeWork” to sum it up. Followed by some bullet points as to why his company Knotel is not, a short paragraph as to how the idea for the company came about, some personal history and a few not-so-outlandish founder quirks. Oh, and a lot of schadenfreude including his wearing a sweatshirt with the words “Grave Dancer” on it.

Maybe, but in addition to both being real estate middlemen there is one other commonality between Adam Neumann and Amol Sarva. All the money that left this country to pay for oil from the Middle East they both clawed right back to NYC. The former from the Saudis and the latter from the Kuwaitis. And in my mind the biggest differentiator is Neumann pocketed a billion or so for himself. That’s a lot of dancing, or laughing.

//IN the ‘How did I miss this department’ is a very positive review of a Long Island City restaurant in The New York Times. It’s called Rincon Melania and it specializes in Ecuadorian cuisine such as llapingachos and encebollado. What are those? You’ll have to read the review for the mouthwatering answer. The restaurant is located on Queens Boulevard and opened in January.

Knotel Wants To Be WeWork, Without The Bloodbathhow can you call it co-working w/o free beer?

A Menu That Roams Ecuador From Queens …from LIC

Beanstalk Cafe Coming to 11-51 47th Avenuebeans

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