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About face: The Cupcake Market has a new name on 7th Street


The owner of the Cupcake Market on Seventh Street has renamed her shop here between First Avenue and Second Avenue … the new signage for Funny Face Bakery arrived yesterday, as EVG contributor Derek Berg noted…

The new name coincides with the launch of the bakery’s online shop.

Sarah Silverman opened the bakery in April 2016. Given the name Cupcake Market, you’d figure cupcakes would be a big seller. Turns out she was on to something with the hand-painted face cookies of presidential candidates — Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump — that she created in the run-up to Election 2016. Those quickly became big sellers.

She soon started creating custom portrait cookies for her customers to celebrate birthdays and other special events… as well as launching a line of intricately designed cookies accurately (and eerily?) depicting various celebrities and movie characters… and hiring a group of artists from Pratt and SVA to help with the design.

A post shared by Funny Face Bakery (@funnyfacebakery) on Nov 3, 2019 at 6:15am PST

So given the popularity of the cookies, the shop decided to re-introduce itself as Funny Face Bakery. And they do still sell cupcakes.

Daily hours are 1:30 to 9 p.m.

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